2023 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve Review

Make every trip a luxurious and easy experience. The Nautilus, which has room for five people, maximizes comfort and performance with a perfect balance of carefully selected technologies. Step into Lincoln of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, to learn about what features come equipped with the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve.



Technology and comfort are combined inside the Nautilus cabin to provide a positive driving experience. Thanks to the centre screen's dramatic monument-like rise from the sloping expanse, your focus will remain on the information you need. The inside of the Lincoln Nautilus's rich earth tones and possible natural wood accents accentuate this updated architecture. An ergonomic design philosophy was incorporated into the driver's compartment to put control within reach by thoughtfully positioning the instrumentation for maximum efficiency and accessibility. Active noise management improves desired sound while minimizing undesired engine noise to enhance overall cabin sound quality and make driving more enjoyable. The system tracks the sound profile before producing an antagonistic sound wave. You may quickly load and unload cargo with your keys by kicking the area under the back bumper to activate the hands-free liftgate.

Interior - 2023 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve


The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus features several available wheel options, including 20-inch premium painted Bright-machined Aluminum. The panoramic Vista roofs provide ample sunshine and cool breezes with a power sunshade to keep the cabin cool and comfortable on warm days. The Lincoln Nautilus's all-LED exterior lighting glows bright and shows great promise because it is far more efficient and durable than incandescent light bulbs. Additionally equipped with Adaptive Static Bending is the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus. The Lincoln Nautilus's optional Monochromatic Package has two colour schemes, including Asher Grey and Infinite Black, which highlight the outer lines of the Nautilus with a smooth, continuous layer that catches and refracts light throughout the day and at night. The exterior of the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus's distinctive elements exude a dynamic elegance, and the Lincoln trademark grille draws attention to the car's angular shapes and flows perfectly into the headlamps.


With 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, the twin-turbocharged 2.7-Litre V6 engine is ready wherever the road takes you. The dynamic 2.0-litre I-4 turbocharged engine uses three technologies to increase turbocharging—the sophistication of dual independent variable camshaft timing and the accuracy of direct injection.

8-Speed Transmission

Shift points for a smooth drive when compared to earlier model years. The 8-speed automatic Transmission in the Lincoln Nautilus makes gear shifting a sophisticated and straightforward experience.

Lincoln All-Wheel Drive

Intelligent AWD uses sensors to measure traction continuously. Before wheel slip even has a chance to happen, it usually provides torque to the front and rear wheels to improve handling and optimize grip.



Auto fold Side View Mirrors

When you lock the doors of the Nautilus, the mirrors fold in, helping to keep them protected from scrapes and dings.


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting illuminates the cabin as you approach, with seven distinct colours to either complement your mood or change it.


Exterior Lighting

As you approach the Lincoln Nautilus, a sequence of lighting animates. In addition, a Lincoln logo welcomes mat is projected on the ground.


Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

Sync 4

The cloud connectivity, shown on a beautiful 13.2" LCD touchscreen, combines conversational voice recognition with the effectiveness of internet-based search results and aids you in staying on the cutting edge of new technology with over-the-air software updates thanks to Lincoln Enhance.

Phone as Key

Phone As A Key

Through the Lincoln Way App, you may control your 2023 Lincoln Nautilus using Phone As A Key. You may drive away without accessing your smartphone's home screen by using Bluetooth to link your smartphone to your car and perform standard key fob duties, letting you get in, start your vehicle, and leave.

360-Degree Camera

360-Degree Camera

A 360-degree view of the areas around your car is provided to you via cameras positioned all around the Lincoln Nautilus Reserve, enabling you to operate comfortably in confined locations.


Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking

The Lincoln Co-Pilot360 1.0's Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking technology can assist in decreasing the severity of a traffic accident.

Go Lane Centering Assist

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go Lane Centering Assist

Available The Lincoln Nautilus' adaptive cruise control does much more than just keep a predetermined speed. Stop-and-Go combines a camera and radar, enabling the Nautilus to detect and adapt to the speed of cars in front of it.

Blind Spot Information System

Blind Spot Information System

Cross-traffic alert and blind spot information systems alert you to vehicles you would not otherwise notice. Utilizing radar in the rear quarter panels, the system alerts you with an indicator light in the side view mirror when a vehicle enters your blind zone.



The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve takes you in different directions with its luxurious and advanced technology. Lincoln of Windsor is easily reached from the surrounding areas such as Lasalle, Tecumseh, Elmstead, Essex, Belle River, and Leamington. If you are interested in the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus available at Lincoln of Windsor, you can apply today or secure an online finance application through our Finance Centre.

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